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The available free agents would do that, too, but the cost for them could prevent the Giants from doing other things. The value of the receivers in the draft, though, will be hard to pass up.NFL Jacksonville Jaguars Team Face Coverings
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"Same with Russell Wilson. Those two players right then and there account for such a significant number of playoff wins over the course of the last decade that unless you get one of those guys, and we would all agree that's highly unlikely, if you draft a quarterback outside the first round, your odds of success are close to zero. ...

[Image: 89bd8d7026144e880790fea9f9df98e71ad3263e...50x250.jpg]

Revamping the entire team from top to bottom is certainly not out of the question. And that could include a pretty solid performer in versatile Brandon Linder. When available, he’s been a starter along the interior of the offensive line. But in seven seasons, he’s missed 33 out of 112 regular-season games. He started all 16 contests in 2019 but the previous year and in ’20, he was limited to nine contests. There could be an interesting decision in regards to the 2014 third-round pick from the University of Miami. And speaking of the offensive front…

Yes, it would be fun to see Etienne join some contender with an already high-powered offense. He could have as big an impact as Clyde Edwards-Helaire had for the Kansas City Chiefs this year. Edwards-Helaire looked like the ultimate all-purpose weapon when he left LSU. He was supposed to make the Chiefs’ offense go super Saiyan.NFL Washington Redskins (Football Team) Team Face Coverings

Carl Mauck, the Oilers' center from Southern Illinois, said Campbell once called him on a Saturday during the offseason wanting to go to a rodeo in a little town outside Houston.NFL Las Vegas Raiders Team Face Coverings

[Image: 89bd8d7026144e880790fea9f9df98e7faf4bb51...50x250.jpg]

This happens every offseason — a player who likely doesn’t deserve the massive deal gets one. Within a year, it’s clear that the team overpaid and are now stuck with a bad contract. The worst part of all is that they can’t trade the player, and cutting him would actually hurt the team. Such is the case with bad investments, no?NFL Denver Broncos Team Face Coverings

NBC Sports NFL analyst Chris Simms, a former college teammate and longtime friend of Shanahan's, identified two first-round talents who would best suit the 49ers' offense under Shanahan and coordinator Mike McDaniel.

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